Manufacturer of cardboard corners - 3A Pack

3A Pack manufactures a wide variety of cardboard corners and profiles of great strength and adapted to the needs of the client. Our raw material, recycled and recyclable cardboard always respect the environment. We are the best way to protect your merchandise.

We are the best sustainable protection for your merchandise:

If you need to insure your products throughout transport or storage, 3A Pack manufactures cardboard corners adapted to your demands.
We do better stacking in boxes or pallets, ensuring all your products and packs. The use of cardboard corners prevents their products from being damaged or marked by unwanted movements or blows.
In 3Apack we manufacture corners with moisture tails to provide better functionality.
To perfectly secure your products we manufacture corners with uneven wings.

The cardboard corners are widely adjustable for the custody and strengthening of their products, for their transport packaging and to guarantee cargo. Save weight and volume of transport, less CO2 and less waste.

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